“Pretty face is not enough for an ugly heart”. Here are list of Celebrities who lost respect by their deeds recently. Most Controversial Hollywood Celebrities.           Watch video of this article below.   1. Bill Cosby This 77 year old family man broke the heart of millions fan for being accused […]

Some parents might think having baby is the hardest part but in reality real parenting begins after that. Here are 27 do’s and don’t giudance for new parents. It will definitely make your day.   1. Washing baby 2. Drying baby 3. Massaging baby 4. Playing with baby 5. Exercising baby 6. Shopping with baby […]

1. Ballarina 2. Long Legs 3. Classy Look 4. Who pose better? 5. Surrounded by Flowers 6. Batman 7. Modelling on stairs 8. Hey 9. Scuba diver 10. Sexy 11. Oops 12. Good laugh 13. Shower 14. Nailed it 15. Stretching pose 16. Cool look 17. Cool 18. Cuddle 19. Playing piano 20. Long legs […]

Ever think of what you can do with lipstick and paint, here are some cool cartoon characters designed on lips by hair and make up artist Laura Jenkinson. 1. Bugs Bunny 2. Daffy Duck 3. Tazmanian Devil 4. Quit yo Jibba Jabba 5. Donald Duck 6. Genie 7. Goofy 8. Super Mario 9. Popeye 10. […]

See your favourite NFL Stars changed into “Simpsons” characters artwork done by Bleacher report. 1. Tom Brady 2. Colin Kaepernick 3. J.J. Watt 4. Robert Griffin 5. Jay Cutler 6. Jimmy Graham 7. Marshawn Lynch 8. Peyton Manning 9. Richard Sherman

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